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Wild rats, vermin, mice and other types of rodents do not make cute pets. Rodents create a huge problem to mankind due to its sheer numbers. Rodents pose both as a sanitation and health hazard. Rodents multiply fast and eat a good part of human food. Rodents have compulsive gnawing habit & because of this habit they destroy packing material, clothes, electric cables, and equipments by cutting wires etc in storage places, homes, factories hospital, and commercial buildings. They are responsible for spreading dreadful diseases like Rat-bite Fever, Leoptospirosis, Salmonellosis and last but not the least Plague. With their habit of Gnawing they destroy our furniture's, food and wiring which sometimes leads to short circuit and fire. In a commercial environment where food is prepared, it can even result in the closure of the business for breaching the Health & Safety requirements. A rodent infestation should be dealt with instantly as they can potentially create utter nuisance and mess up our houses, kitchens and offices.

Why does your home need a Rodent Pest Control?

Rodents (rats) can damage your house or home and even cause an outbreak of diseases. They eat food products that you have stored in your house and they also like to chew on electrical wires, insulation and other things. So, it's necessary to employ a Rodent Pest Control for rats in your area or your home! If you see any signs of rodents like a nest, droppings, tracks or other clues (smell), there is most likely a problem! They are one of the main reasons for acute social embarrassment, not to mention they'll make you sick which is way worse than feeling socially embarrassed. Signs that there is a Rats in your Home or Business

Rodent Pest Control is necessary as rats in particular tend to rove around in search of food and when they do, they do so without caring where their path takes them.They can get inside your house through the smallest holes and cracks available in the exterior walls of your home. This way, rats cause serious damage to electrical wiring and insulation and much more. Rats can also consume scraps of food lying around for long periods of time by contaminating it with various types of bacteria which are infectious even if the rats are not present anymore. In this sense, rodents may infect people who come in contact with food that's contaminated by rats, which is a very highly risky situation for humans

Some Common Signs are :

Noise of Scratching the walls : Rodents are scratching the walls or under the floor, in search of food.

Tunnel in your garden : To Build their homes, they burrow the tunnel in your garden or the place where they can easily make holes.

Teared Packets : Again to search food, Rats usually tear the packets of food, which gives marks of their teeth on those packets.

Rodents Home : Rodents build their home in a warm and hidden area. They used Papers, Cotton, Fabrics and Polythene to make their homes.

Bite Mark on Objects : They try to cut any objects to use that material for building their home which may leave the biting mark on that particular object. Example wooden furniture, electric wire.

Rodents Waste : Rodents after eating so much leaves their waste anywhere which is black in colour and about 10-14mm long.

Bad Smell : The occurrence of rats makes the place smelly because they do dung which produces a bad smell.

Why Choose Experts for Rodent Pest Control Services?

Rodents are not furry little cuddly creatures, but rather pests that can cause a lot of damage and can be extremely harmful to human life. One needs an immediate solution ( Rodent Pest Control ) to kill the rodent in order to prevent any further health risks and destabilising complications.

It is necessary when there is a high risk involved or the availability of Rodents is high, which leads to infection again and again.

Godrej Pest Control gives you excellent treatment to treat any kind of rat problems. We also give suggestions to free your home again from rats if it happens in future. Godrej offers on-call service to our clients with a wide variety of services to pest control in your homes and business. Our Pest Control Services are highly effective and fast to secure you and your family from Pets ( Rodents, Termite etc).

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