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Anti Termite Control | Anti Termite Treatment In Noida, Delhi

The Best Anti Termite Treatment at Constructional Area in Noida, Delhi & Gurgaon

Delhi NCR, Noida is a great place to live and for traveling purposes. It is famous for its beautiful climate. Due to this, there is also the availability of Termite. The hilly areas of India may get affected by the termite. That's why there is a need for the best service provider of Anti Termite Control & Treatment which is in Delhi, Gurgaon & Noida NCR. We discussed Anti Termite Treatment meaning and Types and Effective Measures of Anti Termite Treatment

Anti Termite Treatment is a chemical treatment to kill Termite from the soil, wood and constructed building places etc. There are two types of chemicals Chlorpyrifos and Lindane, which are used in the treatment of Termite. Anti Termite Treatment are of two types : Pre Construction and Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment.

Pre Construction Anti Termite Control in Noida, Gurgaon & Delhi NCR: Make a dig on the pre Construction building or bottom surface of soily land and mix the anti Termite chemical with that soil. It is done by experts or under the guidance of experts. The height of dig should be 30 cm and chemical should be required 5 litre per square metre of area. The water is added to the chemical to prepare a mixture which is to be put on to the soil and on the floor. Remember the chemical is properly soaked after that you can fill the mixed soil into the dig again.

Post Construction Anti Termite Treatment in Noida, Gurgaon & Delhi Ncr: This method needs a thorough inspection of the building and the place where you want to apply anti Termite Treatment. By the inspection experts get the entryway of Termite and the places where termites spreaded. Now the second and last step is to kill the Termite by termiticide. After inspection we get the exact location of Termites.

Both are the effective types of Anti Termite Control. Now we have to move on to Effective Measures when anti Termite control is under process.

The first thing on soil treatment is to set up a pre-Construction Anti Termite Treatment through termiticide.

At the building the cracks should be repaired. Otherwise it will become an invitation way to termites. Fill the floor cracks and walls at the time of construction of the building.

To repair cracks on the ground floor of the building, the chemical treatment is done by drilled 12mm holes at that particular area.

The wood treatment is also necessary at the time of constructing the building because some objects are made from wood. All the woody objects must be treated with anti-termite Treatment also in the nearby area.

To provide anti Termite Control at the electrical switch boxes, the termiticide dust powder is used. It is done by removing the outer covering.

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